WiMAX licensees form roaming alliance

A group of WiMAX licensees from around the world launched the WiMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance (WiSOA) during an inaugural meeting in Paris yesterday. The group, made up only of those companies that own WiMAX spectrum, announced their intention to sign the first international WiMAX roaming agreement, which will cover all WiMAX services and operate in all WiMAX frequency ranges. Founding members include: Unwired Australia, Network Plus Mauritius, U.K. Broadband, Irish Broadband, Austar Australia/Liberty Group, Telecom New Zealand, WiMAX Telecom Group, Enertel and Woosh Telecom. Didn't see any mention of Sprint Nextel or Clearwire.

To read more about the WiSOA:
- check out this article from telecoms.com (sub. req.)

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