WiMedia Alliance shuts down; Adobe Flash struggles in smartphone market

> The WiMedia Alliance, the standards body supporting Ultra WideBand technology, has decided to shutter, in a move that deals another blow to the UWB standard. Article

> Adobe is struggling to get its Flash media player embedded in smartphones, with Research In Motion, Apple, Palm, Google and now Microsoft, saying that they do not plan on supporting it in the near-term. However, Google has left open the possibility that Flash could appear on Android phones in the future. Article

> Microsoft claims its approach to its app store will be transparent, but the logic behind its decision to limit the number of applications a developer can produce per each $99 sign-up fee seems muddled. Commentary

> T-Mobile USA said it will give programmers a 70 percent share of revenues across all mobile applications available for sale via its web2go portal. Article

And finally... Apple is having a major iPhone software update announcement this afternoon. FierceWireless will be covering it via Twitter. Check out the FierceWireless Twitter feed. Link