The world's biggest handset company flops

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) meteoric rise to the top of the smartphone market in a little over four years has been nothing short of astounding. But for every Apple there are at least a dozen flameouts in the market--companies that were unable to secure suitable distribution, commit the required capital or generate the necessary interest in their products. Think Palm. Think Sendo. Think Garmin. These are the companies that made a reasonable go of the handset market but came up short.

Of course, any attempt at the smartphone market is rife with risk. The market moves at a lightening pace, and consumer tastes are fickle at best.

Nonetheless, it's worth taking a look back through time at the handset companies of the past and their failed adventures.

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sierra wireless Sierra Wireless Voq
garmin-asus  Garmin-Asus
imate  i-mate
palm Palm
sendo Sendo 
neonode Neonode 
modu modu 
emblaze else Emblaze's Else 
saygus vphone Saygus VPhone 

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