XE launches prepaid service

XE Mobile, one of the many MVNOs looking to court the under-25 year-olds market, has launched a pay-as-you-go wireless service. The rate plans come in three portions: small, medium and large. The small plan charges 20 cents per minute for incoming and outgoing calls and 10 cents per SMS. The medium plan charges 10 cents per minute for incoming calls, 15 cents for outgoing calls and 10 cents for each SMS sent, when the user pays a 50 cent access fee. The large plan charges $1 a day access fee when the phone is used, all calls cost 10 cents per minute as does each SMS message sent. The large plan also includes 250 free incoming minutes every 30 days. Incoming SMS are free for all plans.

XE runs over Cingular Wireless' network. The company plans to sell SIM cards soon so subs can purchase unlocked GSM phones. Subscribers also receive a membership to the XE Club Card, which provides discounts at Armani Exchange, Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, Greyhound, Footlocker and Target.com. XE subscribers get their pick of eight Motorola and Nokia handsets, which range from Moto's $20 C139 (photo) to the ubiquitous Moto Razr (photo).

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