Zenith: Mobile web usage to rise while all other platforms slide in 2016

The amount of time users around the world spend on the mobile web will increase 27.7 percent this year, according to Zenith Optimedia's new Media Consumption Forecast, while usage of every other media platform will decline by 3.4 percent. Zenith predicts users will spend an average of 86 minutes a day on the wireless internet, dwarfing the 36 minutes a day they'll spend on the desktop web. And mobile will account for 71 percent of overall internet consumption.

"Mobile technology is transforming the way people around the world consume media, and is expanding overall media consumption," said Jonathan Barnard, Zenith's Head of Forecasting, in a prepared release. "It provides traditional media owners the opportunity to reach people and places they've never had access to previously, and gives consumers entirely new ways to find and enjoy compelling content." Article