Zer01 Mobile severs ties with Buzzirk, defends technology

Zer01 Mobile, the MVNE that has been dogged with concerns about its service, said that because of a breach of contract it has cut its business ties with Buzzirk Mobile, which was supposed to distribute the company's service. Zer01 did not specify in what way the contract had been breached.

The company also sought to address questions that have arisen about its business and technology. Recent reports by IDG News Service have raised concerns about the viability of Zer01's service offering as well as the business practices of marketing firm Global Verge, which owns Buzzirk.

"Overall, there were a number of news articles and blogs that misreported a lot of the facts about each company and its services," Zer01 spokesman Ron Dresner said in a statement. Dresner confirmed the veracity of the press release to FierceWireless.

Zer01 said the business dealings of Global Verge don't reflect on Zer01, and that the two companies are separate entities. The company also said "questions about Zer01 Mobile's patent-pending technology in the news are totally unfounded and motivated by marketplace competitors. Any visit to the patent office will prove Zer01 Mobile's VMC technology registration." Zer01 added that it cannot release information about its business partners, following questions about what carriers will support the company's VoIP-based technology (neither AT&T Mobility or T-Mobile USA--the country's two nationwide GSM carriers--are working with Zer01).

Finally, Zer01 said it planned to defend its "reputation and integrity," possibly with legal action.

Zer01 has promised a mobile virtual network enabler service that could support unlimited wireless voice and data service via mobile VoIP technology running over an unnamed carrier's GSM network.

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