So far, the FCC appears to have struck a balance between the goals of terrestrial wireless and satellite interests.

Qualcomm, China Mobile and ZTE demonstrated an end-to-end 5G New Radio (NR) Interoperability Data Testing system with a data connection.

Verizon joined rival AT&T in applauding the FCC’s efforts to release more spectrum for 5G.

AT&T has rolled out commercial LTE-Licensed Assisted Access in select parts of downtown Indianapolis.

Glenn Lurie, who recently stepped down from his role as president and CEO of AT&T Mobility Consumer Operations, was named CEO at Synchronoss.

T-Mobile will offer 5G service nationwide by 2020, CFO Neville Ray said this morning, and it will leverage much of its new 600 MHz spectrum to do so.

Intel introduced the Intel XMM 8000 series and its family of 5G New Radio (5G NR) multimode commercial modems.

The world of Gigabit LTE promises not just faster speeds but also more capacity, greater throughput and lower latency—and carriers are fully on board.

The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association and the CBRS Alliance will cooperate to advance the Citizens Broadband Radio Service 3.5 GHz band.