The CEO of Charter Communications said that he is not concerned about the mobile industry’s 5G push.

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This year’s fall trade show was a relatively pivotal one for the wireless industry. But what did we actually learn?

AT&T’s David Christopher didn’t use his MWC Americas appearance to talk about the operator’s pending launch of mobile 5G technology.

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint announced a project to create a more effective and efficient identification and authorization system.

LOS ANGELES — AT&T is starting to make serious progress in its smart cities business, according to AT&T’s Mike Zeto.

Ericsson has been a big believer in the 3GPP standards process and not as gung-ho when it comes to open source initiatives, but that could be changing.

AT&T is working with vendors on a strategy to enable IoT modules to power smaller, less costly and more energy-efficient devices.