The latest round of comments in the FCC’s 6 GHz proceeding pits CTIA against a group of tech companies that includes Apple, Facebook and Google.

Google is outlining ways in which it intends to make it easy for WISPs to get up and running with CBRS.

Discussions at MWC 2019 and LF Open Source Leadership Summit indicate containers and their use in 5G will require more exploration.

The FCC admitted in court that its electronic comment filing system cannot track identity theft.

As OnGo-branded commercial services prepare for takeoff, the CBRS Alliance is starting work on a new release to support CBRS over 5G.

The private broadband land mobile radio solution uses CBRS spectrum to provide customized private networks that deliver both voice and broadband.

Vodafone Ireland expects to begin offering 5G services by the end of the 2019.

While Juniper says foldable phones may become a “flash in the pan,” the research firm has a positive response to HTC’s 5G Hub.