AT&T's Andre Fuetsch suggests three things that the vendor community could provide their operator partners during this time of transformation:…

Chief Network Officer Nicola Palmer said it’s no accident that Verizon’s network is standing up so well through the hurricane distruction.

SAN FRANCISCO—Speakers during Wednesday's opening keynote at MWC Americas asserted the importance of doing good while doing well.

Top executives from T-Mobile and Verizon said they continue to evaluate the ONAP open source platform for virtualization.

Facebook, Deutsche Telekom and their partners are focused on putting millimeter wave work on the fast track, namely at 60 GHz.

Sprint and Ericsson unveiled results of a 2.5 GHz Massive MIMO field tests in Seattle and Plano, Texas.

T-Mobile confirmed it will build a nationwide NB-IoT network next year.

Sprint and Samsung Electronics America will demonstrate Massive MIMO at Samsung's booth during Mobile World Congress Americas.

Vodafone Group is the latest operator to join the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project of the Linux Foundation.