Apple plans to test millimeter wave frequencies as it prepares to enable support for 5G in its iconic smartphone.

Three of the four major wireless operators in the U.S. are now formally affiliates of NYU Wireless, with Sprint being the most recent to join as an industry…

The partnership between Comcast and Charter Communications signals the importance of wireless technology, according to T-Mobile's CFO.

Samsung Electronics is now adding a board position to its 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) membership.

The M&A passions grew more heated this morning as T-Mobile executives spoke openly about the benefits of a tie-up with Sprint.

Verizon once again said its network is living up to expectations following the launch of unlimited-data plans.

U.S. mobile operators are stockpiling various frequencies as they prepare for 5G, and those differences will play an important role in how they roll out…

AT&T is planning to conduct a range of 5G network tests this year.