The Great Indoors: A Final Frontier for Wireless
April 20, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Sonus

As nationwide wireless operators put the finishing touches on their macro LTE networks, they are increasingly looking at ways to improve the reach of their services into buildings, stadiums and other major indoor venues. How might this trend play out in the years to come, for carriers and vendors alike? Register Now!

Don’t Be Blindsided: Understand 2017 Top Communications Tax Concerns
March 28, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Avalara

Keeping up with changes in the communications industry is challenging enough without worrying about impending tax implications. Join this webinar to hear from consultants at Avalara about changes at the FCC, and what they mean for CSPs. Register Now!

Telco Cloud: The Critical Enabler for the Digital Service Provider (DSP) Strategy
Now Available On Demand | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTOs will provide insights into the Telco Cloud operating model and a roadmap for the journey from CSP to DSP. Register Now!

DDoS Impact and Opportunity in a Service Provider Environment

Share your thoughts on the drivers, benefits, and barriers to DDoS protection in this 10-minute survey. Finish the survey now for a chance to receive a $5 Amazon gift card. 


Toshiba Bluetooth®: The Ultimate in Low-Power Bluetooth®
Now Available On-Demand | Toshiba

A Toshiba webinar on the benefits of Bluetooth® Low Energy and the new Bluetooth® 5 features. In addition, this webinar explores Toshiba’s industry-leading Bluetooth® low-energy communication products, features, and capabilities. Register Now!

Making NFV/SDN an Operational Reality
Dell EMC

By embracing NFV/SDN as an integral part of a cloud-native, trusted approach, telcos will be better equipped to meet their commercial objectives. Download this Whitepaper to learn how Dell EMC is leading NFV/SDN’s evolution to becoming part of a cloud-native toolbox.

The Rise of LTE Advanced Pro

Learn more about the emerging technologies around 5G and how LTE-A Pro will play an essential role in 5G’s arrival. Download this eBrief now!

Autonomous Cars of The Future Will Rely on 5G, But How Will We Get There?
Now Available On-Demand | Qualcomm

The automotive industry is experiencing an unprecedented transformation as the race towards autonomous driving is heating up. Join this webinar, presented by Qualcomm, to learn about the role of cellular technology in enabling next generation V2X services. Register Now!

Unlocking the Value of IoT Through Big Data
Now Available On-Demand | GSMA

The IoT Big Data API Directory was developed by the GSMA to help accelerate the IoT Big Data ecosystem. Join this webinar to discuss: The technical architecture and design of the IoT Big Data API Directory. The benefits to operators in exposing their data in harmonized formats and more. Reserve Your Spot Today!

Turning the DDoS Threat into Opportunity: Enabling DDoS Protection as-a-Service
Now Available On-Demand | Corero

A new approach to DDoS protection, visibility and scalability is enabling Providers with new opportunities for revenue generating services. Join this session to learn best practices for adding DDoS protection as-a-service offerings to your portfolio. Register Now!