Optimizing Network Performance for LTE and Beyond
August 9, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | CommScope

Small cells are a promising way to densify macro cellular networks, but those deploying outdoor small cells must be vigilant about network interference. Mobile operators need a comprehensive toolkit of solutions for managing PIM and reducing interference to optimize network performance. Learn how to optimize network performance for LTE and more. Register now!

How do Global 4G and 5G Standards Get Created? Demystifying 3GPP
August 3, 2017 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

With 5G, mobile is already the largest technology platform in human history, and has extended to virtually every industry, every object and every connection. Fueling this innovation and expansion are cellular/wireless technology standards such as 4G LTE and 5G NR. But where do these standards come from? How are they created? And who creates them? Join us for this webinar to get an insider’s perspective on 3GPP – the organization responsible for creating 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technical specifications. Register now!

Transforming IT to Support Digital Business Transformation
AT&T Business

Digital transformation, including the business and technology changes brought on by mobile first, social, videos, and big data, is forcing organizations in every industry to rethink their strategy for keeping technology infrastructure up-to-date, remaining competitive, and delivering on new opportunities. While these changes are exciting, they come with challenges to networks. Learn how digital transformation is changing the way enterprises do business. Download it now!

Injecting Crucial Intelligence into IP Networks

The ‘Intelligent Network’ is a term that has been used since the early days of telecoms. Today however this technology, while alive, is old. Today a new level of intelligence is needed to cope with aspects of the network such as the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine to machine communications, and video data.

Download this eBrief and learn advanced techniques and technologies that can be used to make wireless and wireline networks more flexible and adaptive. Download it now!

Increasing Network Capacity with 5G Standards-Based Technologies
Now Available On-Demand | Intel

5G networks and technologies must be built with capacity in mind, not just to support the growth in devices but also to address the need for faster, more reliable connectivity, and rapid access to computing power stored at the edge of the cloud. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the importance of standards to enabling a more efficient wireless air interface design and increasing capacity with added bandwidth in licensed, licensed shared, and unlicensed spectrum. Register Now! 

Evolving the Customer Care Paradigm
Now Available On-Demand | LogMeIn

Operators across the spectrum are toying with new techniques to handle customer concerns and complaints. From social networking interactions to self-care services, service providers continue to experiment with customer service options that may be cheaper and more effective than standard, expensive call center systems. But how are these efforts playing out? And will call centers eventually fade away? Register now!

SDN and NFV Paving the Way for Network Monetization with Value-Added Services
On-Demand | Radisys

The intersection of cloud data centers, with improving device capabilities, is spawning a new generation of service innovations.  During this webinar, you'll learn real-world examples to clarify how SDN capabilities interwork with the NFV for achieving agile service delivery with scalability. Register Now!


Growing the IoT: From Networks to Devices
June 26, 2017 | Sequans

The internet of things has arrived, at least according to those on the front lines of the industry. But those in the IoT industry would also agree that the sector remains in its infancy. The result is a handful of established IoT use cases and, in most cases, more questions than answers.

This FierceWireless eBrief will delve into this nascent but potentially explosive sector from the perspective of the networks connecting the IoT, and the devices leveraging it. Register now! 

Cost-effective Strategies for Densifying the Network
Now Available On-Demand | CommScope

Wireless network operators need to add capacity to their networks without breaking the bank. This webinar will give an overview of a variety of options including cell site sector splitting, metro cells and indoor small cells. Register Now!

The Business Case for Multi-Access Edge Computing: A Total Cost of Ownership Analysis and its Implications in the 5G Era
Now Available On Demand | Intel

Please join iGR’s, Iain Gillott and guest speakers from Intel and HPE for a webinar that will discuss the benefits and costs of MEC technology as well as its critical role in bringing about the evolution to 5G. Register Now!