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Competition and collaboration heat up as mobile and cable worlds collide

Fixed-line cable and broadband companies are beginning to dip their toes into mobile, while wireless service providers are gradually expanding into media. AT&T, for instance, acquired DirecTV and then launched unlimited data to users who subscribed to both mobile and video services, and Verizon is rapidly building out its Go90 offering. Meanwhile, Cablevision is hoping to gain traction with its Freewheel smartphone service, and Google's Project Fi may someday threaten traditional mobile carriers with its Wi-Fi-first model.

Atari partners with Sigfox to launch unspecified 'connected devices' targeting pets, lifestyle and more

Atari is partnering with IoT network provider Sigfox to launch a line of connected products starting later this year. Just what those devices will be, though, is unknown.

U.S. Supreme Court opts not to hear Sprint's appeal in $300M tax case

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Sprint to avoid a $300 million lawsuit filed by New York state claiming the carrier deliberately under-collected and underpaid hundreds of millions of dollars in state and local taxes over seven years.

As mobile ad-blocking usage doubles worldwide, only 2.3M American smartphone owners block ads

The number of smartphone owners using ad-blocking browsers nearly doubled last year, according to fresh data from PageFair and Priori Data, and more than one-fifth of the world's smartphone users are blocking ads on the mobile web.

Support for encryption legislation wanes following Apple's standoff with authorities

An effort to propose a law creating a "back door" enabling law-enforcement agencies to access data on encrypted devices is dead, according to Reuters.


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