Deutsche Telekom installed the first three LTE antennas for the future European Aviation Network (EAN).

T-Mobile and Sprint have recently rushed headlong into unlimited data – with some notable restrictions – but Verizon remains steadfastly opposed to unlimited…

T-Mobile executives said that the company’s new “T-Mobile One” unlimited data plan is selling well.

Operators aren't saying when they might be able to deploy LTE-U.

The carrier said the outage occurred 'during routine maintenance,' and service was restored by Thursday morning.

Jan Uddenfeldt, former global CTO for Ericsson and Sony Mobile, has joined Tarana’s board of directors, the company announced.

Free iPhone 7 promotions from wireless carriers are causing preorders for the handset to skyrocket, leading AT&T and T-Mobile to vow that the campaigns are…

Sprint can leverage its spectrum and small cells to densify its network and add capacity more cheaply than its competitors, CEO Marcelo Claure said.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is making its Wi-Fi/LTE-U coexistence test plan available for industry stakeholders.