After about five years in the making, Ligado Networks executives say they believe federal decision-makers have the last piece of information they need to…

Verizon added a plan for low-end prepaid users as the carrier continues to take aim at a market it had largely ignored until recently.

SoftBank is reportedly willing to give T-Mobile control of Sprint if necessary to achieve a merger between the two smallest major U.S. operators.

ZTE pulled the plug on its Hawkeye phone, but the company is preparing to showcase a new phone that will support speeds of 1 Gbps.

Engineers at Project Loon plan to send small teams of balloons to form a cluster over specific regions where people need internet, reducing operation costs.

Innovation will be crucial for operators looking to differentiate themselves in a brutal wireless market of unlimited data.

AT&T fully joined the unlimited-data battle, announcing that any customer will be able to sign on to its plan without a DirecTV subscription.

Blue Danube Systems said it has completed the first commercial trials of its massive MIMO technology in licensed FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) LTE spectrum…