Juvo is quickly—but quietly—gaining ground by helping prepaid users build credit and giving providers insight to their customers.

AT&T’s Glenn Lurie said that the carrier continues to support the “white glove” phone delivery service it launched in 2015 via partner Enjoy.

The CEO of Time Warner’s Turner said that his media company is taking a “mobile first” attitude.

The two largest smartphone vendors in the world will soon each release their next hotly anticipated device—and both vendors clearly have something to prove.

Google said this week that it will roll out support for its Assistant to phones running versions 6 and 7 of its Android mobile operating system, finally…

The carrier's pursuit of a virtualized network isn't just a move to save capex.

Ericsson CTO and Strategy Head Ulf Ewaldsson said on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress 2017 that 5G is designed to do much more than fixed wireless.

Verizon was conspicuously absent from a major effort to accelerate the 5G NR schedule, but it claims it still wants a single standard for 5G.