SoftBank is reportedly willing to give T-Mobile control of Sprint if necessary to achieve a merger between the two smallest major U.S. operators.

ZTE pulled the plug on its Hawkeye phone, but the company is preparing to showcase a new phone that will support speeds of 1 Gbps.

Engineers at Project Loon plan to send small teams of balloons to form a cluster over specific regions where people need internet, reducing operation costs.

Innovation will be crucial for operators looking to differentiate themselves in a brutal wireless market of unlimited data.

Blue Danube Systems said it has completed the first commercial trials of its massive MIMO technology in licensed FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) LTE spectrum…

HTC’s presence among major U.S. carriers is waning as the company is shifting its focus away from low-end smartphones to more expensive handsets.

Sprint lowered the price of its unlimited plan and added HD video and 10 GB of mobile tethering.

U.S. Cellular submitted bids for a minimum amount of $327 million during the FCC’s 600 MHz incentive auction of TV broadcasters’ unwanted spectrum.