The move ends a legal battle over the carrier's 'AT&T thanks' loyalty program.

The offering, which the nation’s No. 1 carrier brands as “HD Voice,” enables prepaid customers to access clearer audio and use data while on a voice call.

Sprint will pay $2.3 million and provide the names of 32,000 customers who didn’t cash rebate checks to settle a lawsuit brought by the Illinois state…

The FCC’s spectrum incentive auction surpassed the $13 billion mark this morning during its tenth round as demand continued to outstrip supply in the biggest U…

Lenovo inked a deal to preload popular Microsoft apps on its Android-powered devices “over the next several years.”

Verizon’s move to raise money backed by customers’ monthly phone installment plans may prompt other carriers to follow suit, according to Barclays.

Device and OS fragmentation remains problematic for many mobile developers.

Verizon once again topped a RootMetrics study of LTE networks in the U.S., but T-Mobile and Sprint are closing the gap.

Net neutrality backers are questioning T-Mobile's policy of limiting video to 480p with its new unlimited data plan.