Crown Castle’s third-quarter earnings exceeded expectations, but its guidance for next year may not do much to assuage the fears of investors.

Shares of Ericsson continued to slide after the venerable gear vendor said waning sales in North America contributed to a $26 million quarterly loss.

OneWeb plans and operate the world’s largest satellite network to reach consumers in emerging markets and other regions where broadband is inaccessible.

iOS 10 is now the leading operating system on Apple devices.

Verizon has shied away from the prepaid market for fear of cannibalizing its postpaid base, but recent efforts to target prepaid users appear to be paying off.

Expect two Google smartwatches in the first few months of 2017.

The abrupt end to Stage 2 of the FCC’s incentive auction yesterday may mean a major player suddenly threw in the towel. Or it might mean nothing at all.

Wireless networks often cannot provide continuous high-speed data connections to all the customers in a cell site at the same time.