A half-dozen wireless heavyweights announced a partnership to boost LTE-based offerings using the shared spectrum of the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio…

Lenovo inked a deal to preload popular Microsoft apps on its Android-powered devices “over the next several years.”

Verizon’s move to raise money backed by customers’ monthly phone installment plans may prompt other carriers to follow suit, according to Barclays.

Device and OS fragmentation remains problematic for many mobile developers.

Net neutrality backers are questioning T-Mobile's policy of limiting video to 480p with its new unlimited data plan.

Samsung reportedly will launch a program to sell used flagship phones, but whether that program will be an extension of its existing used-phone sales business…

New unlimited data plans from T-Mobile and Sprint have stoked lingering questions about the capacity of Verizon’s network.

T-Mobile customers in Singapore will be able to access that country’s public Wi-Fi network via a SIM-login test.

Verizon could gain an astounding 180 billion MHz-POPs via its pending transaction with XO Communcations, according to Allnet Insights & Analytics.