Aicha S. Evans is corporate vice president and general manager of the Communications and Devices Group at Intel.

Forward bidding in Stage 3 of the auction of 600 MHz airwaves is set to begin Monday, and the next round could be much more telling than the first two.

Anxious shareholders pressed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the company’s strategy for mobile devices and services this week at an annual shareholders meeting.

Nicola (Nicki) Palmer is chief network officer at Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless company in the United States.

The Wi-Fi Alliance says a Nov. 11 ex parte, in which Nokia registered serious concerns about its ability to complete tests of Nokia LTE-U equipment, was filed…

A new report by Mobile Experts aims to clear the air when it comes to the automotive IoT.

Nokia confirmed that it will return to the smartphone business next year, saying its branding and licensing deal with HMD Global Oy “has come into force.”

Republic Wireless said it received a $30 million cash infusion from its parent company Bandwidth as it spun off into a standalone organization.