AT&T plans to conduct an indoor demonstration related to 5G during the Texas Wireless Summit in Austin, Texas, this October.

AT&T is asking the FCC for permission to modify a license so it can test equipment provided by the likes of Ericsson and Nokia that complies with the LTE-U…

The FCC is seeking comments on a bevy of issues related to spectrum bands above 24 GHz, including the addition of more bands – like 71-76 and 81-86 GHz.

Small cells are expected to play a big role in operators’ 5G networks, and Fastback Networks plans to be right there with them to support them with wireless…

The mobile industry has been turning its attention to the “next big thing,” and the hype machine is running at top speed on IoT and 5G.

Lieu cited an increased sense of urgency following reports of alleged Russian hacking of members of Congress.

The fiber vendor reports increased demand as the small cell market ramps up, but some analysts warn small cells are still in their infancy.

The FirstNet Board approved a major budget package today, which at $6.585 billion would support a wide swath of developments targeted for Fiscal Year 2017.