Sprint and Samsung Electronics America are touting their demo of three-channel carrier aggregation (3CA) at Soldier Field in Chicago today.

The carrier said it will back the launch with a major marketing campaign.

AT&T is asking the FCC for permission to modify a license so it can test equipment provided by the likes of Ericsson and Nokia that complies with the LTE-U…

T-Mobile sweetened its new unlimited data plan and added a premium plan for its hungriest users.

Small cells are expected to play a big role in operators’ 5G networks, and Fastback Networks plans to be right there with them to support them with wireless…

The release of new unlimited-data plans should help both T-Mobile and Sprint compete with their larger rivals, Wells Fargo said.

The mobile industry has been turning its attention to the “next big thing,” and the hype machine is running at top speed on IoT and 5G.

Lieu cited an increased sense of urgency following reports of alleged Russian hacking of members of Congress.