Sequans continues to gain ground with its chipset, which is designed specifically for IoT use cases.

Apple and Ireland both said they plan to appeal the decision.

A lack of new features or radical redesign will limit the appeal of the iPhone 7, analysts said.

Verizon’s Mike Haberman said the carrier is looking to deploy other technologies in the LTE Advanced lineup, including advanced multiple-input, multiple-output…

Sprint and Samsung Electronics America are touting their demo of three-channel carrier aggregation (3CA) at Soldier Field in Chicago today.

The carrier said it will back the launch with a major marketing campaign.

AT&T plans to conduct an indoor demonstration related to 5G during the Texas Wireless Summit in Austin, Texas, this October.

AT&T is asking the FCC for permission to modify a license so it can test equipment provided by the likes of Ericsson and Nokia that complies with the LTE-U…