A Verizon-led group of companies rejected a proposal by AT&T and others to finalize parts of the 5G standard earlier than scheduled.

AT&T completed its first public demo of 5G technology with Ericsson last week at the Texas Wireless Summit in Austin, Texas.

The connected home will emerge as part of a slow and steady process, according to at least one senior level Qualcomm executive.

AT&T may no longer be looking to spend much in the incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum now that it has agreed to fork over $85 billion to acquire Time…

Wi-Fi connection vendor iPass said it plans to sell usage and traffic information gleaned from its network of 60 million hotspots.

Tracking the major players in wireless during the third-quarter earnings season of 2016.

Qualcomm is reportedly closing in on a deal to acquire rival NXP Semiconductors for roughly $37 billion.

Crown Castle’s third-quarter earnings exceeded expectations, but its guidance for next year may not do much to assuage the fears of investors.