The Wi-Fi Alliance is now certifying products based on the 802.11ad standard, known as Wi-Fi Certified WiGig.

T-Mobile once again posted an impressive quarter, adding 851,000 net postpaid phone customers as speculation of an acquisition began to surface once again.

Google is asking the FCC for permission to conduct tests with a mystery device operating at frequencies between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz.

A Verizon-led group of companies rejected a proposal by AT&T and others to finalize parts of the 5G standard earlier than scheduled.

AT&T’s top management argued that the wireless industry remains a growth sector.

The connected home will emerge as part of a slow and steady process, according to at least one senior level Qualcomm executive.

AT&T may no longer be looking to spend much in the incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum now that it has agreed to fork over $85 billion to acquire Time…

AT&T reported it lost 268,000 postpaid phone subscribers during the third quarter, largely due to subscriber losses among those with lower-ARPU feature…