Intel is announcing a slew of new products and partnerships ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017.

Mimosa Networks is adding a new twist to the fixed wireless space: It just announced what it’s describing as the first commercially viable 5G fixed wireless…

Verizon added a plan for low-end prepaid users as the carrier continues to take aim at a market it had largely ignored until recently.

AT&T remains in a solid spectrum position, wrote the analysts at Deutsche Bank in a recent research note.

ZTE pulled the plug on its Hawkeye phone, but the company is preparing to showcase a new phone that will support speeds of 1 Gbps.

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS utterly dominated the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2016 as Windows and BlackBerry continued to fade to black.

Engineers at Project Loon plan to send small teams of balloons to form a cluster over specific regions where people need internet, reducing operation costs.

Innovation will be crucial for operators looking to differentiate themselves in a brutal wireless market of unlimited data.