Iridium Communications officially launched Iridium Edge, its new global asset tracking, safety and fleet management device.

The Small Cell Forum's Release 9 provides a blueprint for commercializing hyperdense networks for 4G, 5G and the IoT.

Three of the four major wireless operators in the U.S. are now formally affiliates of NYU Wireless, with Sprint being the most recent to join as an industry…

After almost two years of speaking about it publicly, Verizon is still excited about the kinds of fixed wireless services it can offer with 5G.

Samsung Electronics is now adding a board position to its 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) membership.

Strategic Venue Partners (SVP) will provide end-to-end solutions for venues like universities, high rises, mixed-used developments and other enterprises.

AT&T just launched a nationwide LTE-M network but it's still evaluating Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT).

Mobile operators are embracing open source like never before, and there’s a lot of confusion around the myriad projects and efforts that are underway, but that…