AT&T is so confident in ONAP that it believes more players will jump on board in the coming weeks.

Nokia received approval from the FCC to demonstrate prototype 5G equipment at San Francisco's Moscone Center in September.

Qualcomm is encouraged by the FCC’s continued work to make more spectrum available for Gigabit LTE and 5G.

ExteNet Systems wants to continue with ongoing integration testing of CBRS base station and end user equipment.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said he has “huge interest” in the 3.5 GHz block and the 3.5-4 GHz range is the most formative block of spectrum emerging globally for…

Artemis Networks recently received the OK from the FCC to demonstrate its technology in the 500 MHz band at Mobile World Congress Americas in September.

The City Wi-Fi Roaming project was so successful last year that organizers are running it for a second year and adding more cities.

The Republic of San Marino says it will be the first state in Europe to have a 5G mobile network thanks to Telecom Italia Mobile.

Cisco confirmed it is discontinuing its licensed Universal Small Cell 8000 Series enterprise radio products.