Verizon CFO Matthew Ellis made it clear during the company’s third-quarter earnings conference call that mobile 5G is not a thing for Verizon in 2018.

AT&T is asking the FCC for an extension to a license it has held to conduct 5G tests using 3550-3600 MHz in Atlanta and Cumming, Georgia.

NextLink Wireless submitted a revised Reed Engineering study to the FCC that supports a recent analysis filed by T-Mobile USA in which T-Mobile found that next…

The LoRa Alliance released its latest technical specifications that include features supporting roaming and separation of back-end nodes.

Qualcomm is taking some of the lessons learned in its early days of CDMA and applying the same sort of challenge-the-skeptics attitude to 5G.

Here are the stories we’re following this morning.

DragonWave is hopeful that a new owner will breathe life into the company. If all goes as planned, Transform-X will close the transaction by Oct. 20.

At a time when much of the industry’s attention has been on midband spectrum, Nokia is taking it up a notch by pursuing tests in the 90-96 GHz range.