A startup spinning out of MIT promises its new “ultra-high energy density ‘anode free’ battery” technology can double smartphones’ battery life.

AT&T has said that it is hoping to make its ECOMP platform a de facto standard in the design of future networks. However, Verizon said it isn’t interested.

AT&T plans to work with a wide range of stakeholders to enable faster 5G deployments. Absent from AT&T’s list of partners are Verizon, T-Mobile US and…

Microsoft, HPE and Broadcom have all voiced their support for the Wi-Fi Alliance’s proposed LTE-U coexistence test plan.

Audi announced an upcoming software update that will allow certain models of its cars in the U.S. to communicate with traffic signals.

AT&T’s Andre Fuetsch said the carrier expects to get up to 1 Gbps speeds from LTE at some point in the future.

A top executive at AT&T said that the carrier’s capital spending will “definitely” decline over the coming years.

Amid debate over Wi-Fi and LTE-U being neighbors in unlicensed spectrum bands, Qualcomm says that Wi-Fi access points don’t always share spectrum well.

AT&T said that its wireless network is suffering from interference generated by a range of electronics operations.