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  • T-Mobile calls out Verizon on 5G 'bluster'

    Say what you will of the finger-pointing and name-calling that has come to typify T-Mobile US executives, especially Twitter rock star CEO John Legere, but last week, they kind of nailed it.

CTIA not thrilled with how 3.5 GHz decision came out

While everyone pretty much agrees that releasing more spectrum is good, the experimental nature the FCC is taking with the 3.5 GHz band isn't making all wireless carriers jump with joy. In fact, CTIA says the FCC failed to put into place appropriate incentives and protections for licensed users and risks undermining the success of its spectrum sharing model.

AT&T isn't as keen on LTE-B as Verizon

While Verizon boasts how it has deployed LTE Broadcast (LTE-B) technology throughout its LTE footprint, its biggest rival, AT&T, isn't so gung-ho about it.

FirstNet to get new contracting officer

FirstNet will replace its current contracting officer, Terrie Callahan, with Gregory Ruderman from the U.S. Department of the Interior as Callahan will actually take a job within FirstNet, according to IWCE's Urgent Communications.

Qualcomm, Intel, others urge Obama to release 5.9 GHz for Wi-Fi

A diverse group of organizations that do not often agree on policy matters rallied to urge President Barack Obama to make the 5.9 GHz band a "centerpiece" of his administration's efforts to make new unlicensed frequencies available for Wi-Fi.

Google files patent for eyeball device that uses 'energy harvesting antenna'

Google has been known to work on a smart contact lens to assist people with diabetes by measuring glucose levels, but now, based on a patent filing, it appears to be working on a device that would be inserted into the eye to improve vision.


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