Samsung Electronics America has filed applications to demonstrate 5G systems at several locations, including in Verizon’s hometown of Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

AT&T has no interest in undermining the vibrant Wi-Fi ecosystem, but it’s also not keen on entertaining some of the demands it says the Wi-Fi Alliance has…

T-Mobile customers in Singapore will be able to access that country’s public Wi-Fi network via a SIM-login test.

Verizon could gain an astounding 180 billion MHz-POPs via its pending transaction with XO Communcations, according to Allnet Insights & Analytics.

AT&T has said that it is hoping to make its ECOMP platform a de facto standard in the design of future networks. However, Verizon said it isn’t interested.

AT&T plans to work with a wide range of stakeholders to enable faster 5G deployments. Absent from AT&T’s list of partners are Verizon, T-Mobile US and…

Microsoft, HPE and Broadcom have all voiced their support for the Wi-Fi Alliance’s proposed LTE-U coexistence test plan.

The MVDDS 5G Coalition is battling OneWeb by asking the FCC to deny OneWeb’s request to use the 12.2-12.7 GHz band.

Audi announced an upcoming software update that will allow certain models of its cars in the U.S. to communicate with traffic signals.