OneWeb Satellites officially broke ground on a new $85 million satellite manufacturing facility in Exploration Park, Florida, on Thursday.

Lots of additional spectrum will be needed to take advantage of carrier aggregation. This is where unlicensed spectrum technology like LTE-U and LAA comes in.

Startup Ingenu said it has expanded its Internet of Things (IoT) wireless network in locations in New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

Researchers at a Cornell lab said they have devised a method for transmitting and receiving a radio signal on a single chip over a range of frequencies.

AT&T could launch standards-based mobile 5G services starting as early as late 2018.

Amtrak is asking the FCC for a waiver on certain conditions for the Wi-Fi network it plans to build along the Northeast Corridor, but Wi-Fi proponents are…

Short of a court’s decision on a protest filed by Rivada Mercury, FirstNet is ready to hit the ground running to deploy the nation’s first broadband network…

Intel announced it is buying autonomous car technology provider Mobileye for $15.3 billion.