Ford Smart Mobility CEO: Mobility of data as important as security

Ford plans to deliver a high-volume, fully autonomous vehicle for ride sharing in 2021.

From the (parent) car company that just announced a ringtone emulating the signature growl of a Ford Mustang comes the promise of a car company more tuned into mobility and connectedness than ever before.

“We feel that automotive companies will continue to evolve and look less like automotive companies and more as companies that are connected with today’s tech cycle,” Raj Rao, CEO of Ford Smart Mobility (FSM), said during an online webinar Wednesday.

In terms of cybersecurity, Rao declined to comment specifically on connectivity to vehicles, referencing some of the famous hacking scenarios, but on another level, “in FSM, we are in partnership with some of the larger tech companies” that are putting data in the cloud and maintaining it with Ford.