5G is expected to have more traffic flows back and forth from edge infrastructure, which Colt predicts will require SDN technology.

There could be lower demand for millimeter wave spectrum this time around, according to AllNet Insights & Analytics' Brian Goemmer.

JMA is going to build a 5G manufacturing plant in Syracuse, New York, for what it believes will be the world’s first indoor 5G mmWave radio system.

If Apple decides to not release a mmWave iPhone in 2020, Verizon is particularly vulnerable because it has made a greater commitment to mmWave.

The edge is suddenly a focal point, but it's also extremely nebulous.

It's not just Chinese vendors that carriers need to worry about. 5G networks rely much more on software, which also poses security risks.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood was opposed to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, but thanks to commitments from the companies, he's now on board.

The DAS market has been in flux for a while now, and a new report takes into account the impact new solutions are having on the market.

The $1.95 billion cash sale includes spectrum and real estate, along with 1.1 million wireless subscribers.

Telia on Wednesday announced the start of an accelerated 5G rollout program in Finland, including mobile and home broadband 5G subscriptions.