The FCC has been mulling its options for the spectrum, and is still considering the CBA proposal for a private sale.

Walmart is also expanding on-site wireless experts to 600 additional stores.

When it launched 18 years ago Boost operated on Nextel’s iDEN network and was targeted at urban youth.

The standalone 5G NR software can be deployed on existing Ericsson radio system hardware.

The company is urging the FCC to realign the 900 MHz band to support broadband.

Fractal Antenna Systems targets 5G and densification with fractal antenna designs.

Virginia Tech researchers see a future of autonomous networks, connectivity in 3D space, and aerial drones.

Comcast and Charter are trying to get some traction with their wireless MVNOs. But now Apple is putting the screws to the cable operators in regard to devices.

The originator of Massive MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) antenna technology didn’t always want to call it Massive MIMO, but inventor Thomas Marzetta…