The wireless industry is buoyed by the FCC’s decision to streamline the siting review process for next-generation wireless facilities.

Don’t expect many customers to upgrade to a new 5G smartphone anytime soon.

Deutsche Bank Markets Research said it expects the nation’s operators to return to service revenue growth.

Verizon’s work with Cisco on its Hybrid Information-Centric Networking will simplify networking and make it more efficient on the way to 5G.

A 3GPP Plenary meeting is being held in Chennai, India, this week, where there's still a lot of work being done on 5G.

Initial sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 are either at or below comparable sales of the GS8 last year.

T-Mobile and others are working to turn up the heat on Verizon over its purchase of Straight Path’s spectrum.

Adding to the voices calling for the FCC to leave the 6 GHz band well enough alone is AT&T, which says the band contains about 100,000 microwave links,…