T-Mobile has done it again: for the 15th time it had an "Un-carrier" event. This was more on the ripple side than on the splash side.

CTIA and T-Mobile are repeating their calls for larger licensed areas and 10-year license terms for CBRS.

U.S. Cellular confirmed that it will overhaul its pricing plans in a move that will raise the cost of its unlimited plans by roughly $5 per month.

Verizon said that its 5G customers will be able to choose between a free Apple TV 4K device or a period of free YouTube TV service.

Sprint and LG announced they’re building a 5G phone that the companies believe will be the nation’s first mobile 5G smartphone.

Both Comcast and Charter are expected to add thousands of new mobile customers throughout the remainder of this year.

The FCC is opening a new proceeding to investigate the state of telecommunications in America.

It appears officials in Lincoln, Nebraska, have emerged as some of the industry’s primary antagonists.

What will T-Mobile do for its “Un-carrier Next” event that starts Wednesday at 8 a.m. Pacific?