Nokia's LTE technology is being used by Project Loon to help recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

Rivada Networks offered $25 million for LTE assets of a public-safety network in Los Angeles, more than doubling an offer from AT&T.

Qualcomm is seeking an extension for a Special Temporary Authority (STA) so that it can continue to conduct tests in the 12.2-12.7 GHz range.

With less than two weeks left in the holiday shopping season, Verizon is hoping to make waves with a new BOGO offer on the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8.

T-Mobile's acquisition of Layer3 will position T-Mobile directly against AT&T and Verizon—its main rivals in the wireless industry.

T-Mobile will acquire Layer3 TV in the latest of a series of tie-ups between U.S. wireless carriers and distributors of video content.

The legal principle behind net neutrality is the government’s desire to prevent any monopolistic behavior that might happen in the future.

FirstNet launched preemption, giving first responders prioritized access to the network even during times of extreme congestion.