What is the Role of LTE Advanced Pro as 5G Rolls Out in 2019?
April 26, 2018 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

5G will connect virtually everything around us to transform a wide range of industries. So, do we have to wait until 2020+ for the next phase of 5G NR before we can start enabling new mobile use cases? Join this webinar to hear the latest on LTE Advanced Pro. Register now!

The New Haul: How 5G Traffic will be Transported

To make 5G successful, network providers need to make an equally important investment into their network transport systems. Find out what kinds of traffic hauling and transporting systems should network operators target as they move to 5G. Download this eBrief now!

Optimize your investment in test
Keysight Technologies

Understanding your test assets’ real cost of ownership is essential to making smarter decisions and managing your capital and operating expense budgets. Our latest white paper explores how to get and maintain visibility to your test assets – and why it matters to your bottom line. Download Now!

Customer Experiences of Live Mobile IoT (LPWA) Networks
March 21, 2018 | 10am ET / 7am PT | GSMA and Huawei

This webinar is focused on the latest experiences of live Mobile IoT services. It is aimed at businesses looking to build trusted IoT solutions and operators looking to expand their IoT product portfolio to include scalable, low power networks. Register Now

Going Deeper with Automation: How to Tame Complexity in Wireless Networks
Huawei, Luxoft, Ciena, Tupl

This report explores the role of automation in shaping the evolution of wireless networks as we move toward 5G, massive IoT adoption, densification, and virtualization to meet a growing demand for a more diverse set of use cases. It's published in collaboration with Senza Fili and with the support of our sponsors, Huawei, Ciena, Luoxft, and Tupl. Download it here. 

Going Deeper with Automation: How to Tame Complexity in Wireless Networks
February 14, 2018 | 11am ET / 8am PT | Huawei, Ciena, Luxoft, Tupl

During this webinar, Mansoor Hanif, Director of Converged Networks, Research and Innovation, BT, and Monica Paolini, President and Founder of Senza Fili Consulting, will discuss Senza Fili and FierceWireless’s upcoming report on automation. The discussion will focus on how operators are introducing automation in their networks, what are the options, the costs and benefits, and how that will change the way they run their networks. Save your spot now!

Why Do Future Autonomous Vehicles Need 5G NR Based C-V2X?
Now Available On-Demand | Qualcomm Technologies

C-V2X momentum continues to build with a broad ecosystem support due to its superior performance, cost effectiveness, and 5G compatibility. Learn about more about the capabilities and technologies when discussing 5G NR based C-V2X in future autonomous vehicles. Register now!

How Mobile, IoT and Big Data are Scaling Smart Agriculture
Recorded on February 7, 2018 | GSMA

Join us for this webinar on connected agriculture in practice. Mobile operators and key industry partners will present their solutions, achievements and future plans in this area. Register Now

The Future of Cellular for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is destined to be one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies of the 21st century. It has a potential to impact all spheres of our lives in unprecedented ways. Download now to learn more.

5G and End-to-End Enablement for Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving
Now Available On-Demand | Intel

5G holds the promise of transformational technology that will reshape industry and society. This webinar will share the findings of a multi-part series of papers that examine 5G and the end-to-end solutions that currently enable, and will continue to enable, the enhancement of connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Register now!

Building a Connected Product with Mobile IoT (LPWA): A Guide for Developers
Recorded on January 23, 2018 | GSMA

This webinar is aiming to help product developers, device manufacturers and start-ups understand the essential components in the Mobile IoT development cycle and available tools to enable the creation of innovative, connected products. Register Now

MDU Wireless Redefined

Optimized MDU Wireless:  Motorola DOCSIS® wireless gateways are integrated with Cablesight’s modular management system to reduce operator’s installation, management, and support costs while improving subscribers' Wi-Fi performance and satisfaction. Download now.