The AT&T initiative, which uses power lines to deliver superfast internet service, is planning more technology trials this year.

The clock phase of the FCC’s 24 GHz auction ended after round 91, with $1,988,888,836 in total bids. The process now moves to the assignment phase.

Ericsson has struck a new partnership with Future Technologies Venture to help Ericsson expand its critical communications business.

Also today, Ericsson announced with Swisscom that they have switched on the first large-scale commercial 5G network in Europe.

The company said it won’t release any 5G smartphone modems, as Apple patches up its relationship with Qualcomm.

AT&T has applied for Special Temporary Authority to demonstrate 3GPP-based 5G New Radio systems at its SHAPE Conference in June.

The parties entered a new multiyear chipset supply agreement, which should accelerate 5G iPhone deployments.

In a 40-plus-page FCC filing, Sprint spelled out its many troubles and said it's in a very difficult situation that is only getting worse.

Rolling out 5G networks is expensive, and the costs won’t be recouped simply by increasing prices for mobile connections.