The FCC is offering deals to small carriers and rural service providers to incentivize them to deploy 5G services in underserved areas.

The FCC voted to adopt new rules, related to the spectrum above 95 GHz, that encourage the development of new technologies—and may lead to 6G.

A 5G spectrum auction in India could take place as soon as January 2020.

Dell EMC is a major seller of servers worldwide, and recently, the company has been giving more attention to the service provider vertical.

SK Telecom unveiled its mobile edge computing (MEC) open platform, which it says can enhance response times in 5G data communications.

MWC 2019 was full of buzz around connectivity with 5G dominating keynotes and announcements. However, an overlooked announcement came in automotive and the…

T-Mobile is urging the FCC to deny rule changes for the 70/80 GHz and 92-95 GHz bands that would allow the use of maritime and aviation SDDLs.

When an AT&T technician climbs a tower for FirstNet, that technician can also install hardware that can be upgraded for 5G via a software update.