Smartphones are not the only devices slated to benefit from 5G. Intel announced today that it is collaborating to bring 5G connectivity to Windows PCs.

Sprint said it pays an average of $8,251 in tribal review fees for every small cell it has deployed.

Amid all the hype around 5G that will dominate the wireless industry’s biggest confab in Barcelona next week, one thing you’re probably not going to hear a lot…

Dish Network said it will spend between $500 million and $1 billion through 2020 building out the “first phase” of its wireless network.

Analysts with Signals Research Group who studied Verizon’s 28 GHz system in Houston came away appreciating the promise of millimeter wave spectrum.

Analysts expect plenty of news to flow from chipmakers, infrastructure suppliers and operators about their plans for 5G, tempered only by the fact that real 5G…

With so many countries vying to be first with 5G, Mobile World Congress 2018 provides the perfect setting for operators and vendors to talk about their 5G…

AT&T plans to offer mobile 5G services in a dozen cities this year, and it just announced three of them: Atlanta, Dallas and Waco, Texas.

In case there was any doubt, AT&T is making it known that edge computing is key to its 5G strategy.

Google wants the FCC to clean up the database that is supposed to reflect where ground-based satellite earth stations are located.