Wall Street analysts noted that the ongoing uncertainty over Dish's wireless efforts is casting an increasingly dark cloud over their outlook on the…

Speaking Monday morning at an investor conference, Verizon CTO Hans Vestberg described the carrier's approach to architecting its 5G network.

CTIA and the CCA are urging the FCC to add the 37, 39 and 47 GHz bands to the auction of the 24 GHz band.

ComSenTer researchers will build devices and systems as high as 500 GHz.

Ericsson widened its lead over Nokia in the North American mobile infrastructure market during the first quarter, according to the analyst team at Dell'…

The FCC didn’t deliberate long as it voted unanimously to contemplate ways to put mostly fallow 2.5 GHz spectrum to use for things like 5G.

CenturyLink executives said that the company is still testing fixed wireless technologies.

DoCoMo says it achieved a 28 GHz wireless data transmission between a 5G base station and a 5G mobile station using a car moving at 305 km/h.