Vodafone Ireland expects to begin offering 5G services by the end of the 2019.

While Juniper says foldable phones may become a “flash in the pan,” the research firm has a positive response to HTC’s 5G Hub.

We are seeing a movement toward downsizing large, operator-focused LTE solutions to “bite-size” private LTE and 5G networks for vertical markets.

Google and CommScope reported that their shared Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) system has passed testing by the ITS to support CBRS.

The FCC is offering deals to small carriers and rural service providers to incentivize them to deploy 5G services in underserved areas.

The FCC voted to adopt new rules, related to the spectrum above 95 GHz, that encourage the development of new technologies—and may lead to 6G.

Verizon plans to roll out its mobile 5G service in Chicago and Minneapolis next month with a $10 add-on price tag.

A 5G spectrum auction in India could take place as soon as January 2020.