Nokia is participating a competition that seeks designs for 5G base stations that will be installed throughout the city of Helsinki, Finland.

TracFone, the nation’s largest MVNO with fully 22 million U.S. customers, said it supports the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile.

IEEE announced the approval of IEEE 802.11aq, an amendment to IEEE 802.11 that addresses discovery of available services in WLANs.

MVNO Republic Wireless is working to expand its offerings with devices and services geared specifically for children getting their first mobile device.

Emergency responders will be able to find T-Mobile E911 callers on Android faster and more accurately with Google’s Emergency Location Service (ELS).

AT&T is offering owners of new Airstream travel trailers unlimited, unthrottled wireless services for $360 per year.

5G promises new spectrum, more bandwidth, lower latency, new uses, lower cost per bit, and greater efficiency—a big challenge for the industry.

Qualcomm is working to expand and improve the wireless industry’s attempts to prevent the sale of stolen phones.

The launch of the iPhone isn't leading to aggressive pricing promotions by the nation's carriers.

Vodafone is working to build out an internet-of-things business in the U.S. with “outcome-based pricing.”