AdMob opens AdWhirl to all mobile ad networks

Mobile advertising network AdMob announced an expansion of its AdWhirl program enabling developers to leverage an unlimited number of ad networks in their applications. According to AdMob, developers could previously add just one network of their choice in addition to AdWhirl's default support for AdMob, JumpTap, MDotM, Millennial Media and Quattro Wireless for iPhone apps and AdMob and Quattro for Android apps. AdMob notes that the upgraded AdWhirl also includes full support for Apple's forthcoming iAd mobile ad network.

In conjunction with the upgrade, AdMob updated its AdWhirl House Ads functionality, promising developers tools to more effectively manage ads in their iPhone and Android apps. Developers can employ House Ads to cross-promote their apps and to serve ad campaigns they sell directly to advertisers--AdMob adds that the AdWhirl UI is now more intuitive as well, making it easier to manage ad inventory spanning multiple apps.

AdMob acquired the AdWhirl aggregator service in August 2009. Late last year, AdMob introduced open-source versions of the AdWhirl iPhone software development kit and AdWhirl Server, promising developers increased transparency and flexibility in mobile ad network mediation. The firm reports there are now over 1,700 apps actively using AdWhirl (including more than 175 Android apps), up from 1,300 apps four months ago. Daily ad requests have increased from 40 million to more than 100 million since AdWhirl went open source.

For more on the AdWhirl upgrade:
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