Adobe to add phone, tablet support to Dreamweaver

SAN FRANCISCO--Adobe announced it will add mobile website development tools into its Dreamweaver product, an action that highlights the growing importance of smaller screens in the Internet world.

During a presentation here at the Google I/O conference, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch said the company is working to add "phone" and "tablet" versions to the standard "desktop" view inside Dreamweaver. Users will be able to build websites optimized for each of the three screen sizes, and can tweak each version of their site to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of each type of device.

"This is going to be a big productivity increase for people targeting multiple devices," Lynch said.

Adobe said the new services will be available immediately to Dreamweaver users via a download. Lynch also noted the update will allow website developers to design Internet sites using HTML5, CSS and other Internet development technologies.

That Adobe is adding such capabilities into Dreamweaver--a leading development platform among Internet website designers--comes as little surprise. Indeed, traffic on the mobile Web relative to the desktop Internet continues to grow. However, Adobe's nod to websites for tablets is interesting considering the still-nascent market for Internet tablets--though the tablet space is widely expected to explode following the massive success of Apple's iPad tablet. Apple has shipped more than 1 million iPads.

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