App Store frustrations bedevil iPhone developers

Although iPhone 3G activation problems and MobileMe synchronization issues have attracted the lion's share of negative publicity, some mobile developers are also reporting problems with Apple's App Store. According to developers interviewed by Macworld, their frustrations have much to do with the length of time it requires Apple to push their software updates to iPhone users--in addition, some developers cite Apple's failure to communicate information on when their apps will be published live. Moreover, Apple has yet to provide App Store sales data, so developers are unsure how their iPhone applications are faring--Apple has pledged to share monthly sales reports, but some developers are calling for real-time statistics in order to gauge sales and adjust prices accordingly.

Even Apple's internal review process remains a mystery: "They reject apps for superficial things (icon being the wrong size, confusingly worded messages) while sometimes major bugs slip in under the radar," an iPhone developer who requested anonymity told Macworld. "It seems pretty haphazard and human-powered rather than automated." Nor is there any apparent rhyme or reason to the software update process, although another unnamed developer charged Apple with favoring large companies over small, independent firms." We submitted an update a week ago, and it still isn't updated," the developer said. "Some apps seem to get updated quickly, so some type of favoritism is evident. I've seen one day, and then I've seen two weeks--no one knows why the disparity, either... It's either favoritism or just general chaos."

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