Apple developers share their first impressions of tvOS

Consumers were probably excited to hear about the idea of an app-driven Apple TV, but based on developers on social media it's the platform behind it, tvOS, which deserves most of the interest.

Apple provided early access to tvOS immediately following the Sept. 9 launch of Apple TV, the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro, among other products. Company executives said tvOS would allow developers to create apps that can be accessed directly within the television viewing experience, as opposed to something they do only on their iPhone while watching TV.

Early Twitter comments from iOS devs suggest they like what they see so far, with the term "ridiculously easy" coming up more than once.

Of course, even tvOS will have its flaws. 

Among other things, developers sounded like they were eager to get their feet wet with the platform, and that some of the aesthetic choices were the right ones.

For a surprising number of iOS app makers, though, tvOS was an occasion for that unique brand of developer humor more than anything else.