Apple's moves on legacy iOS apps make most devs happy

While developers race to offer apps compatible with the new iOS 7, they were also surprised by a last-minute decision to offer compatibility options for older versions.

The Next Web was first to notice a post on Reddit showing that if a user tries to download an app not compatible with his or her version of iOS from the App Store, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will give the user the option to download an older version of the app compatible with their device.

Initial reactions among developers on Twitter ranged from enthusiastic to cautiously positive, while a few tweets suggested the move was long overdue.

While Apple's decision was probably geared primarily toward consumers, developers suggested they would also be able to reap the benefits as they planned their next releases.

There were a few, however, who wondered whether the move toward compatibility might mean consumers will lose the push they sometimes need to keep up with OS updates.

Overall, however, that seemed to be a minority view.

The other potential impact, developers suggested, was that the lifecycle of older hardware might also be extended--not that future-forward people like Apple's customers necessarily need that.