Are most developers 'inexperienced'?

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A recent study of software developers indicated the majority of respondents said they have less than four apps on their resume.

The "State of Stack Report" (PDF) from Polish software company Netguru revealed 59 percent of developers have worked on just one to four apps available in Google Play or Apple's App Store.

In addition, 13 percent of developers said they have not released an app.

"Although programming has recently become one of the most popular career paths, the vast majority of coders are quite inexperienced," Netguru wrote in its report.

Image: Netguru
  • 85 percent of developers said they believe that interesting projects are more important than money
  • 76 percent described the financial aspect of software development as "very important"
  • JavaScript and Ruby on Rails ranked as the two most popular languages among developers. 58 percent said they use JavaScript every day, while 45 noted they use Ruby on Rails daily
  • 19 percent said they have delivered five to nine apps in Google Play or the App Store, while 9 percent stated they have worked on over 10 apps

The study also showed 64 percent of developers had not created apps for wearables, while 33 percent noted they have created between one to four apps for these devices.

So how can developers gain experience and build their app portfolios? 

Education may help developers learn how to create apps for a wide range of operating systems, and ultimately, ensure these developers can bolster their app portfolios. 

Plus, with the right education, developers will be better equipped to capitalize on an app development space that likely will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. 

"We've been witnessing a rise in the importance of mobile applications for a few years now. It’s of hardly any surprise then that programming has also gained in popularity. This trend has been mainly caused by the opinion that developers are always in demand and that their salaries are high," Netguru pointed out.

For more:
- download the report (PDF)

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