Congrats, Google: Devs clearly love what they're hearing about Android Studio 2.0

It doesn't matter how big of a company you are, when you release a major new product, you hope customers will be happy. Suffice it to say, the developers in the Twitterverse are pretty excited about what Google has done with Android 2.0.

Among many other additions to its flagship development toolset, Google introduced Instant Run, which will essentially allow app and mobile game makers to more easily monitor changes to their final products while they're still works-in-progress or running via an emulator.

A GPU profiler, meanwhile, will let Android devs record sessions and walk through the frame buffer and textures as their apps are running the OpenGL ES code.

Those on social media couldn't wait to spread the word as it came out of the Android Developer Summit in Mountain View, Calif:

Impressive? That was one of the more mild assessments:

The ability to work with OpenGL ES code more easily was particularly popular:

And while there's always room for improvement, it's hard to imagine Google getting much better feedback than this: