Connecting with users makes app marketing as much art as science, AppsFlyer, Localytics stats show

Daniel Kobialka, FierceDeveloperWhen are mobile device users downloading apps most frequently? And what draws these users to certain apps over others? 

A new study from mobile app tracking platform provider AppsFlyer provided insights into these questions, along with tips to help app developers promote their apps to the right audiences consistently.

The study, titled "The State of App Marketing – H2 2015," revealed:

  • In most cases, Android and iOS users behave differently.

  • Users download Android apps at a consistent rate throughout the week; comparatively, iOS apps are downloaded more frequently on weekends.

  • Retention continues to be a major pain point for app marketers who struggle to keep users engaged with their apps over an extended period of time.

  • Conversion rates on iOS and Android vary considerably across verticals (excluding games).

"The app ecosystem is a tough marketplace," AppsFlyer wrote in its report. "App marketers who want their app to stand out among millions of others must pay attention to every detail that data can offer. This will ensure they are in a position to maximize the lifetime value of every user they've worked so hard to acquire. It can often draw the line between making it and breaking it."

For many app developers, connecting with the right audience at the right time remains an ongoing challenge. 

However, the AppsFlyer study showed there are many ways for developers to better connect with their target audiences, including:

  • Focus on retention -- Leverage customer data and analytics to find out why customers are using (or not using) your app. This enables an app developer to collect and utilize customer feedback to improve its offering, and ultimately, boost its retention levels.

  • Develop engagement campaigns -- AppsFlyer points out weekday engagement campaigns are ideal for Android developers, while iOS campaigns should be deployed on Sundays to maximize their effectiveness. 

  • Enhance the user experience -- What good is your app if it is not user-friendly? Explore new ways to bolster your app's user interface to optimize its value.

Of course, it never hurts for app developers to promote their offerings just after dinner, either. 

A Feb. 2015 study from app analytics software company Localytics, for instance, indicated overall app usage peaks around 8 p.m. 

App developers, meanwhile, must use the data at their disposal to discover how to best reach their target audiences. And with studies from AppsFlyer, Localytics and others, these developers can better understand how to connect with consumers day after day. -- Dan