David Wood leaving Symbian Foundation

Symbian Foundation catalyst and futurist David Wood announced on his blog that he is leaving the non-profit initiative after more than two decades of involvement with the Symbian operating system in its different incarnations. "In many ways, my time in the Symbian Foundation has been a natural extension of a 20 year career with what we now call Symbian platform software (and its 16-bit predecessor): 10 years with PDA manufacturer Psion followed by 10 years on the Leadership Team of Symbian Ltd., prior to the launch of the Symbian Foundation," Wood writes. "In summary, I've spent 21 hectic years envisioning, architecting, implementing, supporting, and avidly using smart mobile devices."

According to Wood, he is leaving Symbian to explore "alternative career options and future scenarios," citing his recent 50th birthday as fuel behind his desire to pursue new paths. Among the subjects he hopes to tackle: The future of energy, accelerated climate change, artificial intelligence, life extension, nanotechnology and smart robotics. "I need to open up time for wide-ranging discussions with numerous interesting individuals and companies, both inside and outside the smartphone industry," Wood says. "I look forward to finding a new way to balance my passionate support for Symbian and smartphones with my concern for the future of technology." Wood adds that he's presently handing over his Symbian Foundation responsibilities to colleagues and partners.

For more on Wood's exit:
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