Developer creates iPhone case that lets users run Android

Mobile developer Nick Lee appears to have cracked the code for bringing Android to the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone. 

Lee recently created an iPhone case that gives users the option to run Android or iOS on an iPhone. 

He told The Next Web that he spent roughly 45 hours creating the iPhone case, ensuring the case would serve as a plug-and-play option that enables iPhone users to run Android consistently. 

"The main inspiration was the intense feelings Android and iOS users have about each other," Lee told The Next Web.  "I said to myself -- 'What if you could have it all on one device?'"

Lee's iPhone case generated praise for its innovative design.

It also was perceived as a device that simply transforms an iPhone into a monitor to display and run Android apps.  

Questions were raised about the iPhone case's value, too.

Many people, meanwhile, are hoping to see iOS on Android devices in the future.