Developers on Twitter don't seem to mind Apple's move to reject 'incentivized' apps

If you can't buy love, you shouldn't be able to buy installs by offering incentives to watch videos or share on social media, according to a number of developers who commented on Apple's recent moves in its App Store. 

Shortly after Apple introduced a slew of new enhancements to the App Store at its Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month, news broke that the company was removing apps and mobile games that seemed to be trying to gain an unfair advantage via incentivized installs and videos. 

Though a few online observers suggested developers would be up in arms, several on Twitter seemed to think Apple was doing the right thing.

Others were sure Apple's decision would send a shockwave through at least some parts of the developer community.

There was also some sentiment around how often and how strictly Apple could keep this up...

... and whether it applied only to indie developers or the big guys.

The unanswered question, for now, is whether Apple stops here or continues to clamp down. Developers are already imagining the worst.