Devs comment on Google's plans to offer app install ads

Twitter does it. Facebook seems to be increasingly successful because of it. So why shouldn't Google also plan to offer app install ads?

The search engine giant announced that it would offer targeted app install ads to be featured both in search results as well as on its YouTube video service, as well as "deep linking" directly within apps. Google said the targeting would be key, because the ads could be served up based on other apps an online user has downloaded or engaged with in the past.

Google was quick to suggest on Twitter that it was offering a leg up to those creating apps and mobile games:

Developers, meanwhile, reacted with a sense that they would finally be able to break through some long-established barriers to discoverability.

For some, Google's announcement was also a grim reminder of just how much of an uphill battle many of them are still climbing.

Although Google is the latest to move into the app install space, those close to the industry suggested it won't be the last.

And while app install ads may offer the promise of increased downloads or monetization, not everyone was counting on it.