Mobile gaming declined in 2015, but 2016 has the big hits

Pokemon Go

Nearly all mobile application categories grew last year – with one notable exception.  

New data from app advertising and analytics provider Flurry from Yahoo revealed mobile gaming was the only app category to see a decrease in growth last year. In addition, the data showed overall growth across all app categories was 58 percent in 2015.

Flurry pointed out growth in the mobile gaming category is "largely driven by big gaming hits." Thus, Flurry noted the popularity of Pokémon Go and highly anticipated release of Super Mario Run, the first iOS title to feature Super Mario characters, could "bode well for growth in the category in 2016."

The mobile gaming segment could present new opportunities for developers as well, particularly for those who capitalize on mobile monetization.

A recent survey of nearly 400 mobile users conducted by mobile market research firm TapResearch showed more than half of mobile gamers watch video ads, complete surveys or download apps to earn virtual in-game currency rewards.

Meanwhile, the use of mobile monetization may drive revenue growth for developers who launch free-to-play games.

"Free-to-play games make money from in-app purchases or advertising. Reward-based models marry both of those and make a nice third option for the mix," TapResearch Vice President Michael Sprague told VentureBeat.

TapResearch also found that nearly 60 percent of mobile gamers complete 10 or more offers monthly – an indication that developers who enter the mobile gaming segment may be able capitalize on a variety of mobile monetization opportunities.

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