Editor's Corner: GDC Mobile Wrap-up

I'm still tying up loose ends from GDC Mobile in San Jose. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to Shaken not Stirred, FierceDeveloper's GDC Party. I had a blast!

First up, The Mercury News has an interview with EA Mobile SVP Mitch Lasky on their blog. Lasky, of course, was the keynote speaker at GDC Mobile and gave what was easily the most provocative speech of the conference. If you want to learn more about his thoughts, this is a pretty good read.

Next, Motorola announced the winners of its MOTO:CODE competition, which challenged developers to create a new mobile game from scratch during the conference.

Finally, Frank Boosman has a nice collection of factoids from GDC Mobile on his blog. For example, did you know that nearly half of all people on earth will own a cell phone in 2009? Or that Nokia makes six phones every second? If it was on a PowerPoint slide, then it must be true! - Eli