Editor's Corner: Is Mobile TV the Next Big Thing?

Mobile TV is undeniably a hot topic. Here are just a few recent news highlights: Verizon V-Cast subscribers can now stream episodes of the popular US TV show Lost for an additional $1 per episode. Sony Pictures Digital is pushing it's movie-on-a-card system, which allows British mobile phone users to buy a memory card loaded with a Sony movie preformatted for the small screen. TiVo has teamed up with Sony and Apple to allow users to watch recorded television programs on a PSP or video iPod. In India, Nokia has just released its N-series "TV phones" and anticipates high demand. The US will get TV phones mid-2006 when DVB goes live.

Admittedly some critics say the hype isn't justified, but with so much momentum behind it, I can't see how mobile TV could fail. According to Russell Beattie's 2005 mobile trends, "Mobile video is here (and then some)."

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