Editor's Corner: Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman phone

Like Sony Ericsson's other Walkman phones, the W800 is a good all-around tri-band phone with a solid camera and a very good MP3 player. It's no iPod, but the W800's music features and buttons are simple and easy to use and the quality of music playback is very good. The phone comes with a good set of earbuds that double as an antenna for the FM radio.

The 2 MP camera is well above-average for a mobile phone and puts the RAZR to shame. Unfortunately, like many other mobile phone cameras, the W800 has trouble with low-light pictures, even with the LED light turned on. The W800 also functions as digital video camera.

The W800 also has a great design working for it. The small, sleek, lightweight phone is very pretty. Unfortunately, the phone does not come in different colors. If you don't like "Walkman orange," you're out of luck. The W800 even has great packaging.

The phone only includes a meager 34 MB of built-in memory, but ships with a 512 MB Memory Stick Duo card. The user interface is clean, quick and intuitive.

One notable missing feature is EDGE support. Lack of high-speed Internet is not a show-stopper for this otherwise excellent phone, but it isn't going to help with the early adopter crowd.

This little phone is priced accordingly. An unlocked W800 goes for about $450 on the street. - Eli