Facebook makes a friendly gesture with mobile analytics

With friends like App Annie and a new suite of software tools to gain useful insights, Facebook isn't about to make too many enemies among mobile developers. 

The social networking giant recently launched label cohorts, a way to better measure the performance of apps among specific groups of people, and app event charts, which are designed to better track retention of people using an app. At the same time, Facebook announced a partnership with mobile analytics firm App Annie to measure the effectiveness of Facebook app install ads. 

There was no question based on app developer feedback on Twitter that all the activity around measurement was welcomed with open arms.

Some even saw the new tools as a way to offer value beyond just the developer crowd.

The App Annie partnership didn't get the same level of commentary among developers, though at least it got them thinking.

For others in the mobile ad install space, though, App Annie's involvement with Facebook was significant. 

Overall, though, given how tough it is to be a mobile app developer on Facebook (or anywhere else), people are glad to get whatever useful information they can.