Facebook's $16B WhatsApp purchase has developers dumbfounded

There was a time when developers might have been envious of Instagram and its history-making acquisition by Facebook, but Facebook's recent $16 billion purchase of WhatsApp has raised the stakes even higher.

Facebook said it would continue to run the popular WhatsApp messaging app as a separate service. WhatsApp, which has been seeing a huge surge in users, may soon become a textbook case in how a developer can achieve massive success seemingly overnight.

On Twitter, developers reacted to the news of Facebook's purchase pretty much the same as consumers, starting with outright shock.

Perhaps predictably, there were some developers who weren't pleased by the notion of the social networking giant adding another app to its arsenal. 

Some even speculated that the whole thing might be a case of sour grapes. 

The details of the deal also shed some light on how WhatsApp has managed to scale in a short time. 

Truth be told, many of the comments about the deal were so expletive-filled that we can't run them on FierceDeveloper, but there were almost as many developers who were ready to cheer on their peers at WhatsApp.