Geoloqi exits beta, reveals geolocation tools for enterprise developers

Location-based services platform Geoloqi announced the debut of its new language-agnostic SDK for iOS and Android, and its proprietary API. The platform was previously in beta testing. The platform, a collection of geolocation tools meant for enterprise, government and mobile developers, includes real-time location tracking, geo-fencing and analytics information, which the company said will make it easier for users to add geolocation capabilities to a variety of apps and devices.


Geoloqi also allows users to share location information for a pre-determined amount of time.

"Geolocation has the potential to become an indispensable part of our lives," said Amber Case, CEO and founder of Geoloqi, in an interview with FierceMobileContent. "But in order for geolocation to be a valuable service to end users, the technology needs to be invisible yet opted into, private, and secure."

Of note, the Geoloqi platform works across platforms, and is device, language and carrier agnostic, which the company said is especially important in enterprise applications and IP-connected devices. The platform reportedly also reduces battery drain by 1 percent more than normal.

Case said that Geoloqi's geofencing has an accuracy of about 20 feet, which is key for the company's government customers that need the real-time aspects of the platform.

On the enterprise side, Case said that the platform could be used by an employer to track his or her employees remotely. Workers could automatically check-in to their offices, and someone who is late and stuck in traffic could automatically send a message to alert his or her employer of the situation.

All of the Geoloqi's location-tracking capabilities are opt-in. "The end user always has the ability to completely disable" the service, said Case.

"In cases of sensitive matters we are not storing exact longitude and latitude, and we never have any personal, identifiable information," said Case.

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