How developers reacted to Apple's 64-bit app ultimatum

iOS developers now know what they'll be doing over the upcoming holiday season: making sure their current and future apps are able to support 64-bit computing based on a strict commandment from Apple. 

The company recently issued a deadline of February 2015 to update or create 64-bit iOS apps, which was probably to be expected following the release of the iOS 8 SDK. 

Developers on Twitter seemed to take their orders in relatively good spirit, with some sharing the news as a gentle advisory...

... and others suggesting Apple's velvet glove contains an iron fist. 

Jokes soon followed that others in the app space will need to keep up with the standard Apple is setting: 

There were genuine questions, though, about how 64-bit iOS apps would work within the larger app ecosystem: 

Overall, developers seemed to think Apple's decree was somewhat in keeping with its usual "tough love" approach to the app community.