How devs responded to BlackBerry's new Z3 and Q20 devices

Most developers attending the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, or even watching from afar were probably prepared for the introduction of major products like Samsung's Galaxy S5, but BlackBerry managed to surprise onlookers by launching two new devices of its own.

The Z3 and the Q20 may be primarily aimed at Indonesia and other emerging markets, the company said. They may also be aimed at longtime BlackBerry loyalists. The Q20 in particular got attention for bringing back a QWERTY keyboard and even a trackpad.

Developers on Twitter didn't take long to render their verdict on the prospect of new BlackBerry hardware. Obviously those who still write apps for BlackBerry users were glad to see what they interpreted as a return to form: 

For others, however, BlackBerry's new devices seemed like an about-face after the touchscreen Z10. 

More than a few developers seemed content to take a "wait and see" approach with BlackBerry's new smartphones, though some had a few reservations. 

Some suggested BlackBerry's future success may not lie in new devices but its mobile OS.

Whatever happens after Mobile World Congress, though, BlackBerry may still have an uphill battle convincing developers it has a long-term future.