IBM launches mobile applications initiative

Computing giant IBM announced a new mobile initiative that promises to develop new mobile device features and functions, with an emphasis on promoting the web, financial services and entertainment in developing markets. The new IBM Research program spotlights six projects: The Spoken Web (i.e., voice-enabled mobile commerce), Instant Translation (real-time communication between multiple languages through mobile devices), SoulPad (enabling any portable device to carry computing applications) Social Networking On-the-Go and Good Samaritan (delivering mobile healthcare information in any emergency situation). IBM added it is making major investments in mobile software and hardware platforms, opening a series of worldwide telecom solutions labs focused on R&D. "We are launching projects that will make a mobile device an even easier to use than the PC, allowing you to do everything you can with a PC and much more," said IBM India Research director Dr. Daniel Dias in a prepared statement.

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