iOS and Android users have different taste in apps

The popularity of a smartphone app is heavily dependent on the operating system. A new study from comScore identified the top apps accessed by iOS and Android customers and found that the two audiences have very dissimilar usage characteristics.

The study, conducted in March among smartphone users age 18 and older, found that "system" apps topped the list for both iOS and Android. Among iOS customers, the iTunes store was the top-ranked app, used by virtually all (99.9%) customers. Among Android customers, the Android Market (Google Play) was the top app, used by 93.2 percent of Android customers.

Other leading apps used by iOS customers included Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Maps (91.2%), Facebook (80.0%), YouTube (78.2%), and Yahoo! Weather (70.3%).

Top iPhone Apps Unique
% Reach
Apple iTunes  32644 99.9%
Google Maps 29803 91.2%
Facebook  26148 80.0%
YouTube  25553 78.2%
Yahoo! Weather  22965 70.3%
Yahoo! Stocks  20765 63.6%
Pandora Radio  10478 32.1%
The Weather Channel 8817 27.0%
Temple Run  7415 22.7%
Words With Friends Free  6979 21.4%

Other leading apps used by Android customers included Google Search (84.1%), Google Maps (74.5%), Gmail (71.4%), and Facebook (68.9%). 

Top Android Apps Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Android Market 49717 93.2%
Google Search  44883 84.1%
Google Maps  39775 74.5%
Gmail  38108 71.4%
Facebook  36771 68.9%
Cooliris 28543 53.5%
YouTube 24739 46.4%
Google News & Weather  24134 45.2%
Angry Birds  16171 30.3%
Words With Friends  12511 23.4%

Facebook was the only social app ranked in the top five on each platform.

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