Kuneri unveils KuneriLite for S60 applications

Mobile design and development firm Kuneri introduced the public beta release of its KuneriLite application development toolkit, which promises faster, easier and cheaper S60 mobile applications creation regardless of Symbian programming knowledge. The out-of-the-box KuneriLite solution extends Adobe Flash Lite capabilities across the S60 platform, with support on all S60 third edition and newer devices--a set of plug-ins is available, and developers may work up their own plug-ins as well. KuneriLite comes in three editions: Basic, Professional and Commercial. "We have been developing for the S60 platform for a long time and see the potential of Flash Lite very clearly," said Kuneri CEO Ugur Kaner in a prepared statement. "We see a gap between strength and user experience in mobile development, and aim to help developers to close this gap by using our tool. We believe KuneriLite will be very popular among developers, as it is very easy to use and learn, and leads to impressing results--bringing imagination into concrete in shorter time."

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