Maybe BlackBerry should have asked devs before sealing that Amazon Appstore deal

Hold the Fire phone: Amazon is bringing its Appstore to BlackBerry? 

At a moment when most developers were focusing more on the online juggernaut's launch of its Fire smartphone, BlackBerry momentarily stole the spotlight by announcing that some 200,000 Android apps from the company's app store would be available on its own devices later this summer. The company suggested the move was a way to address what has been a deficit of app choices across smartphones such as the Z30 and the Q10. 

On Twitter, app developer reaction ranged from the encouraging and positive:

To the uneasy... 

To the downright angry...

... and the just plain confused. 

There was a side issue that was raised by a number of developers, but BlackBerry seemed quick to respond. We won't know until later this year, however, if bringing Android to BlackBerry hardware offers a significant impact to developers or not.