Medialets debuts analytics SDKs for Android, BlackBerry

Mobile advertising and application analytics platform provider Medialets announced it will release analytics SDKs for the Android and BlackBerry operating systems, extending its horizons beyond the iPhone. According to Medialets, its analytics SDKs provide developers with a single dashboard enabling measurement and tracking of basic metrics (e.g., unique users, sessions, average runtime and runtime frequency) as well as custom events within their applications. Writing on the firm's blog, Medialets spokesman David Barkoe said branching out to new platforms became a priority given "the strength of BlackBerry's install base and high value users along with Android's solid relationships with OEMs, carriers, and users."

The Medialets SDKs are available for download here. The company also will host an Android Developer meet-up at its New York City offices on Mar. 3--details on the event are here.

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