Microsoft blogger leaks Windows Mobile 6.1

Microsoft was red-faced after an employee mistakenly blogged about a Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrade that won't be available for another few weeks. According to IDG News Service, Microsoftie Jason Langridge wrote that Windows Mobile 6.1, which promises to solve incompatibility issues with Office 2007 file formats, was now available, even including a link to the download page. A Microsoft press representative later explained the update was not yet intended for public access, and remains the subject of internal tests. Its official commercial release should follow in mid-October.

During its brief period on the web, the now-removed Microsoft page said that the upgrade enables viewing and editing of Word documents and Excel Workbooks and viewing of PowerPoint slides that were created using Office 2007. In addition, the site said that post-upgrade, users will be able to view and extract files from compressed .zip folders.

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