Microsoft: No Zune phone in the cards

Despite soliciting feedback on how its Zune portable media device might more effectively interoperate with devices based on the Windows Mobile OS, Microsoft maintains there are no plans to release a so-called "Zune phone" anytime in the imminent future. In an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, Microsoft's entertainment and devices division president Robbie Bach says the software giant is not working on a converged Zune/Windows Mobile device: "We continue driving the path we are driving with Windows Mobile and we are very excited about the approach we have taken this year. About 20 million devices will ship with Windows Mobile on it. We will outsell the iPhone. We will outsell the BlackBerry. We don't make phones ourselves. We don't have any plans to make phones ourselves. Our focus is on the belief that a phone is a very personal thing. Different people want different types of phones. We think that is going to continue, and we think Windows Mobile is in a great position to service all those different opportunities."

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